Our services include weekly swimming pool service for properties throughout Dubai and certain parts of Abu Dhabi; each visit consists of cleaning, inspection, and preventative maintenance, ensuring chemical balance, clarity, and efficient functionality. We are dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations and are committed to excellence.

Clarity doesn’t always mean safety when it comes to pools. Our service ensures that your pool water remains safe and healthy in addition to being crystal clear. Our technicians are available multiple times a week to carry out brushing, vacuuming, netting, and chemical maintenance for your pools. Each visit from us makes your next plunge safer and healthier.

A minor crack in your pool surface or plumbing could cost you dearly. Water escaping from a damaged pipe or weak walls can be extremely difficult to detect. Our leak detection test combs through every single pipeline that runs between the pool and the pump room. This leaves no room for guessing and pinpoints the precise cause of the leak. After seeing thousands of pools, we have got this down to a science, and are able to successfully test hundreds of pools every year. Rectification measures are then proposed and options are made available to you. Whether an easy fix or a full restoration, we can get it done!

Kids peeing in pools is a simple fact of life at this point, but that doesn’t mean your pool water is unsalvageable. Our team collects water samples which are then tested in a certified laboratory to make sure it is contamination-free. So, if there is an accident or if you notice someone getting sick from your pool, we would be happy to clarify your doubts.

Since pools became mainstream, chlorine has gone hand-in-hand with proper pool maintenance. But in the modern day, there are many more sanitization options available to you. If you or a loved one has sensitive skin or you’re just tired of explaining your red eyes to people after you swim, you may want to consider the alternatives we have.

Have your visual sensibilities changed? Do you find the tiles you picked all those years ago ugly? Do you want a slide for the kids you had recently? Maybe you’re just bored and want your pool to have a new look. Whatever the case, we have you covered. We use the same shell and structure while stripping the pool of all its finished to start from scratch, allowing you to completely redesign the pool from the ground-up. This way, you can make your pool new again in a cost-effective manner.