MAK Pools | Temperature Control
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Temperature Control

About This Project

Electro Engineering Limited is a British company that manufactures high-quality heaters for swimming pools and other aquatic installations. Their world-renowned products are built with titanium elements and stainless steel tubes that create a turbulent vortex in the water flow, which massively increases the life of the product by preventing mineral deposits on the heaters. Available from 3kw to 120kw


Tital Optima
The Elecro Titan Optima is a long-lasting pool heater, ideal for installation in limited spaces. The heater can be mounted vertically on a wall using the bracket provided or stand on the floor using its two easy. It’s easy to program with a user-friendly touch screen interface that is legible even in direct sunlight.

The Elecro Evolution is a reliable and safe way to heat your swimming pool. Armed with a swivel foot, it can rest on the floor or mounted on a wall for wasy access to the thermostat controls. The heater allows temperature changes accurate to 1°c.


Vulcan (South Africa)
Manufactured by Falcon Industries in South Africa, the Vulcan is made of reliable, high-quality components and is among the most reliable products in the industry. Available from 6kw up to 160kw.

Aquatech (Australia)
The Aquatech has been proven five times more efficient than conventional heaters, and is an incredibly economical temperature control solution for pools and spa installations.

We size our heaters and pumps according to location, volume, surface area, and bather-load. For further details and assistance, call us.