MAK Pools | Natural Clarifiers and Algaecide
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Natural Clarifiers and Algaecide

About This Project


A brand specialized in chemical products to treat water in private and commercial pools. Its range of products covers all the needs for a correct treatment and chemical balance of the water in your pool.

Piscimar products are of high quality and spectacular performance to solve all kinds of water problems quickly and effectively.



Super concentrate brightener: gets water rid of grease, sun-tan oils, organic matter, pollen and all kind of particles by coagulation. These don’t deposit at the bottom, they will be eliminated by the skimmer or drain, keeping the dirt captured into the filter. It prevents scum line formation, making it easier to clean. It is compatible with all kind of filtration systems


Phos-out 3XL

Phosphates are the food of algae and they are generated in bigger amounts in pools treated with salt chlorination equipment or active oxygen. Phos-out removes phosphates from water, preventing the growth of algae. This product prevents the presence of algae, making it easier to maintain the pool.


Multipurpose product of fivefold effect:

  • It provides a bright blue color.
  • Great effectiveness against algae.
  • Repels water insects.
  • Increases water transparency
  • Does not foam

Clean Pool Tablets

Technical brighter, containing 12 tablets of 20g. Clarifies water in 24 hours and improve filtration performance. Can be used with any type of filter media, including diatomaceous earth and cartridge filters. Does not change the pH, alkalinity or water balance.