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About This Project

Known internationally as a name you can trust, they manufacture joint sealant products, curing compounds, and expansion joints for lasting pool decks.

Deck-O-Shield is a ready-to-use water-based sealant and water-repellant for natural stone, concrete, and masonry surfaces. Designed for use both in and around pools, this product limits water penetration to ensure structurally sound, crack-free surfaces. A Deck-O-Shield treated surface will prevent salt from penetrating into the surface, reducing ‘whitening’ and staining, while providing an attractive matte finish to the surface.

This is a premium-grade, ready-to-use, water based sealer for use on natural stone. Engineered to seal porous surfaces, it is ideal for protecting pool copings and decks against salt penetration. Compatible with all porous surfaces such as tile, concrete, grout, etc. Deck-O-Shield Plus provides a proven solution to spoiling and pitting of porous surfaces while providing a semi-gloss finish.

It is a premium grade two-part, polysulfide-based joint sealant that is both pourable as well as self-leveling. This non-staining sealant cures to a firm, flexible, and tear-resistant rubber that can be used in semi-wet applications wherever expansion joints are required.”