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Pool Pumps

About This Project

Our preferred partner, Saci Pumps is a company that has perfected the science of designing, producing, and building pumps, hydraulic systems, and water-management equipment for both domestic as well as industrial purposes. Based out of Barcelona, Saci Pumps has spent the last 35 years focusing on meeting the increasing market demands with high-quality products combined with an efficient and reliable service. They provide a vast range of pool pumps built for residential as well as commercial pools.

Winner is a self-priming pump with a high filtration capacity. It comes with a transparent lid that allows easy viewing of its large interior. Each pump comes with a prefilter lid key that lets one open the lid effortlessly and easily. Made from polypropylene and AISI316 stainless steel shaft, there is no possibility for water to ever come in contact with electricity as the motor never actually comes in contact with the water. Available from 0.50hP. to 3.00hP

Magnus is a self-priming, high-flow plastic pump design for bit filtration installations. The prefilter has a transparent lid to allow easy viewing of the insides. No part of the motor actually comes into contact with water, so there’s no electrical hazards. The Magnus is extremely quiet and available at 1.450 rpm and 2.850 rpm. The pump is compatible with salt water when installed with a stainless steel AISI316 mechanical area. Available from 0.50hP to 15.00hP

Optima is a self-priming pump with fantastic hydraulic performance that is ideal for smaller pools ilstallations. Made from polypropylene and AISI316 stainless steel shaft, no part of the motor comes in contact with the water. 0.25hP to 1.00hP