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Pool Filters

About This Project

Based out of Spain, QP Group is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality pool and spa equipment along with brands like Quimicamp – a leader in chemical production for over 50 years – and Coral for filters and other pool and spa accessories.

Rubi caters to domestic pools with plastic (ABS) injected filters in various sizes. Every box includes a filter, pressure guage, air purple, clear lid, and lockbuts. All Rubi filters have a 1.5″” six-way multiport valve. Available from 300 to 600 mm dia – 4 – 13 m3/hr

Alaska manufactures fiberglass laminated filters for domestic purposes as well as smaller-scale commercial projects. Every box includes a filter, a pressure guage, an ar purgel, a black lid, and locknuts. All Alaksa filters have a 2″” six-way multiport vale. Available from 500 to 780 mm dia – 10 to 24 m3/hr @ 50m3/m2/h