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Pool Copings

About This Project

Coping design is one of the most important phases of the pool-building process. With the help of civil engineers, foremen, and masons, we have crafted a precast coping system that is as simple as it is practical. Each coping is 10cm wide and 5cm thick, making optimally durable and easy to install. We have multiple look and texture options for the copings, making sure you get a personalised result.

Our copings are designed intuitively to make sure anyone wil basic technical knowledge can install them on any pool. We also offer installation assistance if necessary.

We offer two attractive styles for you to choose – flat, for a contemporary feel and raised, for added safety.

We offer gorgeous stones that can be placed around the pool with standard as well as custom cuts for easy installation and a personalised look.

We can add an anti-skid finish – applied before the final colour coating – to the copings for that extra layer of safety.”

Our copings look great in white, but we can also paint them in various colours with high durable marine paint to add more character to your pool environment.”