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Drain Covers

About This Project

A common accident that occurs in modern pools is entrapment – when a swimmer gets trapped on a drain due to the excessive suction power of the pool pump. This kind of accident is common, but also easily prevented with proper equipment. There are four ways in which entrapment can occur in conventional drains. Here’s how we address the hazards with our solutions.

This kind of entrapment occurs when a swimmer is sucked against the drain and is unable to escape due to the vacuum build-up.

Our Solution: The high-low step design of our drains combined with its dome shape ensures that swimmers won’t form a vacuum seal over the drain.

With normal pool pumps, children seated on a conventional flat drain could be disemboweled within a fraction of a second if their bodies seal the drain.

Our Solution: The high-low step design prevents children from creating a vacuum seal over the drain.

Sometimes, a swimmer can get an entire limb trapped in the drain.

Our Solution: Based on the Society of Automotive Engineers’ (SAE) studies, the openings on our drains are designed to reject objects as thin as 8mm rods. This prevents toes and fingers from getting caught in the drain.

Sometimes, the suction on the drain will pull a swimmer’s hair into the vortex and knots it around the grating of the drain cover.

Our Solution: Our drain is the only design out there whose design actively prevents hair-entanglement. It works automatically through self-shedding when swimmers raise their heads.”