MAK Pools | About
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About Us

MAK Pools is everything you will need for all your pool related requirements. We offer a full range of quality swimming pool & spa equipment, chemicals and related maintenance services at affordable prices.

Think of MAK Pools as your one stop shop for everything related to pools. At very reasonable prices, we offer everything ranging from swimming pool & spa equipment to chemicals and related maintenance services. And our quality is second to none. We also offer weekly swimming pool service for properties throughout Dubai and certain parts of Abu Dhabi; with each visit consists of cleaning, inspection and preventative maintenance, ensuring chemical balance, clarity and efficient functionality.

Whether you want a dedicated, friendly service or just a one-time clean-up, we have it all. We even have a vast stock of items that we carry at fantastic prices for our trading partners. We’ve also been an active member of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) from the very start, and keep ourselves on our toes with training and educational programs.