7 Pool Maintenance Tips

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The idea of having a swimming pool in your backyard is incredibly glamorous. Summer holidays, weekends and celebrations become extra special, fun filled and adventurous when you have a swimming pool to top it off. It is easy to give into daydreams of hosting parties, spending lazy afternoons lounging poolside and spending quality time with friends and family however one element of pool ownership that often goes forgotten is the maintenance. Here are our top 7 pool maintenance tips to get your summer season off to the right start.

1. Skim & Scrub Regularly

Skimming the leaves and debris off the water surface seems like a no-brainer but it needs repeating and should be done daily. In addition to that, you also need to scrub the sides and bottom of the pool to keep the water moving and prevent any algae build-up. You probably don’t need to do that daily but may be twice or thrice a week but skimming should never be skipped.

2. Clean The Filter

Your pool’s filter is responsible for removing impurities from the water, dirt, leaves and any small objects by constantly filtering them. After continuous usage the filter gets blocked as well and needs cleaning. A dirty blocked filter does not work as efficiently as a clean one and can actually make the water dirty instead of cleaning it. Clean your filter basket at least once a week by turning it off, removing the filter cap and lifting the basket out.

3. Consistent Chemical Levels

A healthy pool means clean, sparkly water that also comes from chemically balancing the pool water. Improperly balanced water looks cloudy, can irritate the skin and eyes and become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Test the water once a week and add any chemicals that appear lowered. Water testing is easy now. Pool water testing kits are available in the market to make the task easier.

4. Shock A Cloudy Pool

Shocking the pool might seem necessary only for public pools but think about how your pool water looks after you throw a huge party. Yeah it probably won’t look muddy dirty; it’s actually the bacteria that need removing. Chances are it’s dirtier than before and requires chemical shock, so don’t be afraid to do so when you think it’s time.

5. Keep An Eye On The Water Level

Physical water level in the pool is as important as chemical level. Water level naturally fluctuates depending on the weather and pool usage. Fluctuating physical water level also changes the chemical balance that needs to be restored as well. Maintain a level that is halfway up the opening of the pool’s skimmer. If the level is too, simply add more water using hose and recheck the chemical balance. Remove excess water using a pump.

6. Wash The Pool Deck

Cleaning the outside of the pool is as important as the inside. Keep your pool deck shining by power washing, also known as pressure washing that will help get rid of any rust and dirt. Start deck cleaning by removing any leaves and other debris then put the power washer on and start cleaning the deck.

7. Schedule A Yearly Cleaning Service

Personal pool cleaning is great but you need to hand things over to an expert as well at times. Trust them and hire their pool maintenance services once or twice a year to avoid any major issues and breakage.
Pool maintenance is a certain amount of work but doesn’t need to be a burden. Incorporate these pool maintenance tips in your routine and you will increase your pool’s life by manifolds.

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