5 Must Have Summer Pool Accessories

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Though we are in the middle of chilly winter season but it’s okay if we want to think about the warmer summer days and the all the fun that they bring along. When we think of summer we usually think of family vacations, weeks off from schools, and lying around your pool and beach soaking up the sun.

Is there any better place to be than lounging in your backyard in summer? We think not.

To amp up the pool fun there are some amazing swimming pool accessories available in the market that can help you out to add a spark of entertainment to your summer months.

Here are some of the cool swimming pool accessories that every pool owner must own:

  1. Waterproof Phone Case

Well we could not live without our phones and social media and taking a dip does not mean we cannot Snapchat about it, right? So here comes a device that allows us to capture all the fun moments in the pool without the fear of ruining our phones, the WISZEN Waterproof Case. For only 6.99 this device is a life saver for all us tech savvies. The case allows you to take any size of phone to not only pool but snow, rain, storms and under water in the sea or ocean. Ultra clear film material on the case allows full touch screen access and button control of your device.

  1. Underwater Pool Chair With LEDs

Not all of us want to play games in the pool certainly not at all times. We do sometimes want to sit and relax, read a book or sip our drinks under the sun. And for all those people who live sitting in the pool, these underwater pool chairs are a dream come true. These seats have sand in their bottoms so they stay put in the water, the top is rechargeable light with almost 54 different colour options and the seat itself twists up and down allowing you to adjust the height according to your preference. These brightly lit seats are not only comfortable to sit on but add a dash of colour to your pool as well.

  1. Swimming Pool Volleyball Set

Who doesn’t love some volleyball fun on the beach? But you always end up with sand where you don’t want it. So why not turn your backyard into a volleyball court? Your swimming pool can be your volleyball court with this fun swimming pool volleyball set. Grab some friends and set up your own in-pool volleyball court for a few hours of fun. The set comes with a 24-foot net that can also be used in smaller pools by adjusting the size, two 60-inches aluminium posts to hold the net, clamps and a volleyball, of course.

  1. Floating Wireless Speaker

Music can change your party’s mood entirely. Whether you want to up the fun at the friends’ and family’s pool party or you wish to enjoy a few hours in the pool all by yourself with your favourite music playing in the background floating wireless pool speakers are your best friends. All you have to do is plug in the 3 feet stereo mini-jack cable from the transmitter into your MP3 player or mobile phone. The 3 watt, full range speaker can be 100 feet away from the transmitter, 3 feet under water and waterproof for up to 30 minutes and will work perfectly. The speakers work with batteries and have an LED light as well that illuminate the water at night.

  1. Waterproof Playing Cards

We have something for card lovers too. There is no reason for you to keep your card games limited to the patio or backyard while others are having a great time in the water. You want the water and the card at the same time and these waterproof playing cards guarantee that fun. They look and feel the same as traditional cards, are the same size as well but with a waterproof covering on each card so you can have plenty of fun playing card games this summer.

Pool parties need not be boring and clichéd. You can always accessorize your pool with such stuff and make your pool a unique experience for yourself and everyone else.

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